Design/Build Process

Single Source Responsibility for your Total Building Needs

In today’s construction market, the Design/Build method of construction is recognized as the best and most efficient way for an Owner to build. Experience is the key element to this process; BSI has been employing this method since 1967.

Using Design/Build the Owner is able to place the responsibility for the project’s success under a single Design/Build contract with Building Systems, Inc. The traditional competitive-bidding process tends to pit building owners, design professionals, and developers against their contractors. With Design/Build the Owner becomes a member of BSI’s design/build team, a partner who will work with our professionals to develop the projects specifications and design and to ensure that both budget and schedule are met.

BSI and the Owner as a team can at the earliest stages of the project development assist with long range planning, future budget forecasting and introduce value-engineering solutions.


The major advantages that the Design/Build method offers over the traditional method are:

  • Experience working for the owner at the initial project development
  • Single source responsibility
  • Guaranteed total costs before construction begins
  • Faster design and start of construction
  • Greater flexibility for changes thanks to direct communication

These advantages translate into the following benefits:

  • Lower total cost
  • Faster occupancy
  • Greater customer satisfaction

The easiest way to understand the advantages of the Design/Build method is to illustrate the differences with the traditional method with a graph.